Buy Back Service - Includes Delivery and Collection

How Does it Work?

For our customers that buy one of our caravans for temporary accommodation one of their biggest concerns is, What do i do with the caravan when ive finished with it? Well we offer a no obligation buy back service!
This will be a signed written agreement drawn up on the day of purchase. This normally works out cheaper than renting a caravan and gives you the freedom to choose from our entire stock.

It is a very convenient and cost effective accommodation solution for self builders, property renovators, insurance companies and anyone else who needs temporary accommodation.

Buy back rates vary from caravan to caravan and the length of time you need it for. They typically range from 40% to 65%. You can always sell your Caravan privately if you wish to, you are not contracted to sell to us!

Example of a Typical Buy Back Deal

A 35x12ft 3 Bed Family Caravan Delivered to Kent £5,000

Buy Back Price for 1 year later £1,750 (Inclusive of us collecting the caravan)

Which equates to costing the customer £62.50 per Week!! Where can you live for £62.50 per week?

Advantages of Purchasing a Caravan and Living on site

- Onsite security and Peace of Mind

- Remain in your normal area for schools, doctors, work etc

- Keep a close eye on your building project

- Its your caravan so of course Pets are accepted unlike rental properties

- Much Cheaper than Rental Properties!

ALL Caravans over £2995 automatically qualify for our Buy Back Service!

Caravans under £2995 may qualify for our Buy Back Service please enquire!