Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view your caravans?

You can view all of our 124 static caravans here on our showground near Colchester in Essex.

How much does delivery cost?

We normally offer an all inclusive delivered deal for our customers.
However this is not always possible. The price depends not only the distance but the area. Some areas require escort vehicles, tolls, and alternative routes due to the load size. If you get in touch with us, we will quote you at cost price. We run our own lorries and have our own drivers and run them on a non-profit basis.

Are the caravans serviced and prepared before delivery?

We leave this entirely up to the individual. Some of our customers are happy to buy the caravan exactly as they see it and we are happy to offer them a bigger discount if they buy like this. Some of our customers want the caravan fully serviced, inspected and cleaned we are also happy to do this in our dedicated workshop. We can even remove walls, add walls, remove fixed furniture and make modifications to suit you.

Can you help us get our caravan onto our land?

If you bring or email photos and drawings of your site we can make a very good judgement from those. We also use google earth to assist us with this assessment.
If there is any doubt regarding access we can arrange for our expert to visit your site before we deliver. We charge £150 for this service which is refundable on purchase of your caravan.

Can you position and level my caravan?

Yes we can. Once we are certain that we can get your caravan onto your land we can bring our team along on the day of delivery they will professionally position and level the caravan for you. We charge around £600/£800 for this service.

Do the caravans come with a gas safety certificate?

No, the reason is that once a caravan is transported any gas certificates they had are invalidated. If you visit you will be able to find a gas engineer to come and safety check your caravan once it is on site.

What sort of gas do your caravans run on?

Caravans usually run on bottled LPG gas. Many of our caravans are also all electric units which lots of people prefer.

Do your caravans have heating?

Some of our caravans have electric heating and some also have full winter packs with double glazing and gas central heating. All of our caravans will have a gas fire in the living area. We can also add electric/gas heating and or double glazing if you require it.

Can I live in my caravan over the winter?

Yes you can, but to achieve comfortable levels of heating you will have to use a little more electricity using free standing radiators. Obviously if your caravan has double glazing and gas central heating it is easier.

When we have finished with our caravan will you buy it back?

Yes we will buy it back. In fact we can set a buy back price at the time of purchase if that is what you require.

Can I put one of your caravans on a caravan park?

Yes you can but you must check with the park owner before doing so. Quite often the park owner will be expecting a fee for the privilege of bringing your caravan on to the park.

ALL Caravans over £2995 automatically qualify for our Buy Back Service!